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Piano With Willie: Piano Lesson Variety

A guide to piano technique and theory
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Know piano theory basics
Know how to play basic piano techniques

These 25 lessons are a great place to start your intermediate piano learning experience. Only a few of the lessons have a handout. For many, you’ll want to get the Real Book. Topics covered are triads, posture, seventh chords, triad inversions, slash chords, chord shells, using chord shells, shells and melody, tensions, guide tones, rootless chords, 2-5-1 with rootless chords, turnarounds and endings, blues progressions, approaches, basslines, major and natural mindor and modes, scales for improvisation, playing with different styles, basic harmonization, 4th quartal voicings, four funky grooves, altered and lydian b7, and easy 2-5-1.

Each chapter consists of exercises along with thorough theory explanations of what you are playing.

Piano With Willie: Piano Lesson Variety
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