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Piano From Zero To Pro - Beginner Essentials To The Piano

Learn all of Amosdoll's Beginners fundementals before preparing on how to play ANY song by ear without guessing
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Lock In All Beginner's Music Knowledge Required To Commence Playing By Ear
Apply All My Patterns And Tricks To Play Piano Without Looking Down
Gain Superior Advantage Over Other Beginners By Training With Strong Technique From The Very Start
Master Rhythm Using An Extremely Simple System (One Of The Most Important Elements In Music)
Save Time And Learn More By Applying My Speed Sight-Reading Tricks

This Piano Course is in the TOP 10 for "How To Play Piano" in Udemy's search engine!

Do you want to play all your favorite songs on the piano and be the center of attention?

Do you struggle from days to months to learn only ONE new song?

Have you considered learning how to play piano but don't know WHERE to start?

Everyone starts somewhere, and this course is the first step for you!

Hi, I am Amos, owner of Amosdoll Music on YouTube with over 400,000+ subscribers and over 100,000,000 view counts where I have played over 1000+ completely new songs by ear within the time frame of a year.

Nowadays, you can find piano teachers everywhere (I swear there is a least 1 every street here in Australia), but very little amount of teachers can truly teach how to play any song by ear, let alone DO it for themselves.

However, I am for one that "preach what I teach" as I can play ANY completely new song that I haven't heard before by ear in modern day music ranging from video game songs, English/Chinese billboard songs, Kpop, movie soundtracks (and everything that you could think of) simply with my series of methods in LISTENING, and implementing melodic/harmonic/rhythmic improvisational techniques to learn ANY song within 10-20 minutes!

Wouldn't you love to do that too?

Playing by ear doesn't just come instantly in a snap of the fingers (those is all lies if others promote you that).

Before learning how to do that, you are firstly required to understand the core foundations of music... (just like how you wouldn't learn how to do the 100m sprint before learning how to walk as a baby)

Because without these foundations, nothing would make sense in my other courses, and that is why many people guess and check the keys (which is the wrong way!!).

This "BEGINNERS" course provides ALL my tricks, foundation knowledge and essentials in music theory and form needed before achieving all this awesome mastery.

For people who are completely new to music, this course strongly secures all your foundations.
For people who know a little knowledge already, this course fills in all the holes and gaps you are missing.

So come and join the other 1000 students from over 70 countries and take this musical journey with me!

Piano From Zero To Pro - Beginner Essentials To The Piano
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