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Piano for Kids: Developing Your Child's Creative Abilities

Children love music, Teach them to play piano, to expand their horizons and gain self confidence with the gift of music.
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Play simple songs while reading from the music.
Apply the rudiments of music.
Play piano confidently using music.
Read music at a basic level sufficient to take more advance learning later.
Play piano using the correct fingers for whatever is being played.
Keep proper rhythm while playing tunes.
Play 25 tunes learned through the course.
Play using two hands as normal playing.

My udemy courses have over 4000 students taking my piano courses for adults, and now kids can take them too.

Children learn piano like everything else they do, quickly!

  • Is your child a piano prodigy?
  • How will you know unless they have the chance to find out?
  • You can find out easily.

In this comprehensive video course providing piano lessons for kids, I teach your child from the very basics, to being able to read music, and play piano at an easy level.

Did you know that piano is one of the easiest instruments to learn?

Your child should be able to play simple songs by the end of the course, and be in a position to take further lessons and even exam courses, with the confidence of having a sound background in piano and music behind them.

During lessons your child will learn to play 25 tunes.

Your child will learn to play piano:

  • Using short easy lessons
  • Having fun doing it
  • Learning to read music

You will be wowed as you listen to your child playing piano in double quick time.

  • By lesson 3, some music is being read and played
  • By lesson 5, the first tune is being played
  • By lesson 9, the notes in music and where to find them is known
  • By lesson 10, five tunes can be played using both hands.
  • By the end of the course 25 tunes have been learned, and can be played at will, while following music and understanding, dynamics and rhythm.

In 20 weeks +, your child will be wanting more lessons as this course will be complete.


As the course has lifelong access, you can use it for younger children when they grow up.


You don’t need an expensive piano, any piano or keyboard will be fine. Your child will not need to know music, I teach them that.

You will need some form of piano or keyboard, don’t worry about the size, kids do great on full sized piano’s it is amazing to watch them play.

I use my more than 30 years of piano teaching experience, (having taught hundreds of youngsters over those years,) to guide your child through the stages of learning piano, using a standard text book from a recognized publisher, whom I always use for my private lessons. (Available worldwide, from Amazon, or good music shops.)

By using this text book, I ensure your child learns everything properly, and in a recognized manner, using correct names for everything.

Nothing is left to chance. I play every single note that your child will play for them first and with them. They always know what they should sound like and how to play every note.

Lessons are fun to take. I advise at the end of every lesson, what students need to practice. Practicing is only five to ten minutes a day, and mum and dad can join in too, I even tell mum and dad, what to do to help.

Check the lessons available for viewing to see the quality of teaching.

I have never met anyone who regretted learning to play piano; I have met many who regretted, not learning to play piano.

As with all my courses:

you have unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs, ever

all future additional lectures, etc in this course are always free

there is an unconditional, never any questions asked full 30 day money-back-in-full guarantee

my help is always available to you if you get stuck or have a question – I believe my support on udemy cannot be bettered.

Start your child on a musical career and enroll them in this course.

Piano for Kids: Developing Your Child's Creative Abilities
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