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Piano Essentials For Beginners -Complete Introduction Course

A course that guides you through your first journey with piano.
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Meet your new instrument : piano
White and Black Keys
High and Low Notes
Note Values - How long you should hold the keys
Time Signature, Bars - Start to read the rhythm of sheet music
Treble Clef & Bass Clef
Start reading notes and some tips - Middle C position
Sightreading exercises - Improve note reading skills
Sharps and flats - black keys on the piano and how to identify them
Introduction to music dynamics - what does it mean to play piano or forte?
Some other music notations - what is the difference between playing staccato or legato? And many more!

Hello! This course is for beginner pianists. It will guide you through your musical journey with some basics that you should know before starting. I will give you some tips on reading notes, teach you about rhythm values and dynamics and many more. At the end, you will have an assignment and play your first piece on the piano.

Piano Essentials For Beginners -Complete Introduction Course
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