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Fur Elise and Traumerei - Piano Classics Vol.1

Learn to play beautifully at the piano Fur Elise (Ludwig Van Beethoven) and Traumerei (Robert Schumann)
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The students will be able to understand the structure, difficulties and ways to perform beautifully Fur Elise from Beethoven.
TEACHERS: will find this course extremely helpful for helping their students to understand this piece.
Piano students will be able to play with a deeper stylistic understanding of this piece.

Do you love classical music?

Do you want to play and enjoy the most famous pieces from the piano repertoire?

Would you like to be able to play them like a professional?

Do you play Fur Elise by Beethoven but not sure that you are playing it correctly?

This course is for you!

What it takes to be able to play this pieces beautifully?

It is not easy indeed, BUT each piece has key elements that are not a secret but could be kind of hidden for the beginner student.

In this course you will be able to understand the core elements of the pianistic interpretation,  according to the style of every piece, this course is dedicated to FÜR ELISE,  this beautiful piece from the composer Ludwig Van BEETHOVEN and to TRAUMEREI from the composer Robert SCHUMANN

If you are a piano student and has the reading level that is required to play this piece, you will find this course really helpful, through practical videos the instructor will teach you how to play this piece successfully, it is important to mention that this course is not the kind of regular tutorial that teaches you note by note how must be played. On the contrary it is expected that you have the necessary skills to read this piece, why? because you are going to learn about the genre, the stylistic technique that is required and about the musical structure as well.

This course will teach you thorugh videos and lectures:

  • The complete performance

  • An analysis of the piece.

  • A listening and reading exercise.

  • Recommendations at the piano for each section or the piece.



Ilse Lozoya is going to be your instructor in this course, she is a pianist, music teacher and online educator, she teaches more than 60 courses in Udemy, more than 43 000 students are already taking her courses. She will help you during the course with any question, so you will not be alone in your learning.

Fur Elise  and Traumerei  - Piano Classics Vol.1
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