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PIANO CHORDS VOL.1: A progressive approach to chords

Learn to play PIANO CHORDS, at your own pace in a progressive way
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Students will learn to play 3- and 4-note chords in a progressive and easy-to-follow system.
At the end of the course students will understand how to study and practice chords in their daily routine.
The course includes chords from any note, developing a complete and comprehensive learning.

Do you want to learn to play chords on the piano?

For how long you have been  wanting to understand chords and can't advance to more complicated chords?

Can you only play chords that don't have many accidents or black keys?


Welcome to the PIANO CHORDS !! -

In this course you will learn how to play the main types of chords of 3 and 4 notes, but without leaving chords without practicing!

It is very common that when we begin to study chords, especially if we are self-taught, we focus on learning only the chords of our favorite song or those which root is from a white key on the piano, thus developing non-integral learning, with gaps, since we get used to play in our comfort zone which are the "Easy Chords", but -... Are the others really that complicated?

The secret is ..... PROGRESSIVE LEARNING !!

At the end of this course you will be able to play 3- and 4-note chords, with an understanding of the structures and being able to play them from any note.

Through 100% practical tutorial videos you will learn how to build chords, understand how to play them in a technically appropriate way and what are the tips to find and play them faster.

Enroll in this course today!!

PIANO CHORDS VOL.1:  A progressive approach to chords
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