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Physics 100: Mastering Newton's Laws of Motion

Comprehensive course including lectures and problem solving tutorials.
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This course will teach you how to apply Newton's Laws of Motion to solve all types of problems.
Draw free body diagrams
Learn how to solve problems with pulleys and springs
Learn how to solve circular motion problems

This comprehensive course  covers Newton's Laws of Motion.     The course is taught by Dr.E, an award winning instructor with over 15 years of teaching and tutoring experience.    The course combines lectures that summarize the important concepts and tutorials that will guide you and help you develop a problem solving strategy.  You'll learn how to apply Newton's laws to study particles in equilibrium and the dynamics of particles when forces are acting on them.    

Topics include in this class are:

1) Vector Review

  • Review vector addition and subtraction,

  • Adding vectors using graphical methods

  • Adding vector using components

2) Newton's First Law

  • Problem solving strategies

  • Free-body diagrams

  • Example problems for objects in equilibrium.

3) Forces

  • Review of push and pull forces

  • Understanding the force of gravity

  • The difference between weight and mass

  • Friction Forces: Kinetic vs Static

  • Normal Forces

  • Tension Forces

  • Forces due to a spring:  Hooke's Law

4) Newton's 2nd and 3rd Law

  • Drawing Free Body Diagrams

  • Calculating acceleration

  • Action-reaction pairs

  • Strategy to solve problems

  • Example problems

5) Mastering Problems

   a) Elevator Problems

  • Drawing Free body diagrams

  • Calculate acceleration and effective mass

  b)  Block on a slope

  • Understanding the Free Body Diagram

  • Calculating Acceleration

  • What happens when we add friction - kinetic and static friction

c) Pulleys and Springs

  • Learn how to solve dynamic problems that contain pulleys

  • Atwood's machine: Calculating acceleration and Tension

  • Dealing with springs in series and in parallel

5) Dynamics of  Uniform Circular Motion

  • Centripetal forces and centripetal acceleration

  • Problem solving strategies for circular motion

  • Period, frequency, and angular veloctiy

  • Banked curve problems

There are over 60 fully solved problems ranging in difficulty.   I've mixed in many conceptual problems as well as algebraic problems to help you practice applying Newton's laws to solve problems.   

If at any point you don't understand something in my videos please feel free to reach out.  I'm always willing to help someone learn.  Physics Ninja always has your back!

If have a specific problem not covered in this class simply email it to me and i'll add a video showing how to solve the problem.

Happy Learning

Dr. E, Physics Ninja and Expert Physics and Math Teacher.

Physics 100:  Mastering Newton's Laws of Motion
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