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Physics 100: Mastering Ohm's Law and DC Circuits

Become a Ninja with this comprehensive course on DC circuits including lectures, and problem solving tutorials.
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Able to calculate voltage, current, and power of any DC circuit.
Learn how to deal with combination of resistors
Understand energy in electric circuits
Learn how to apply Kirchhoff's Laws
Ability to analyze circuits with resistors and capacitors

This is a comprehensive course on Ohm's law and Direct-Current (DC) circuits, which are circuits where the direction of the current in a circuit element does not very with time.    The topics in covered in this class are:

1. Current and the Motion of Charges

  • Definition of electric current and current density
  • Finding the drift velocity and density number

2. Resistance and Ohm's Law

  • Review of Ohm's law
  • Understanding the difference between Resistance and Resistivity
  • Understand the Color Code for Resistors 
  • Connection to the Electric Field

3. Energy in Electric Circuits

  • Review of Power 
  • Rate of Potential Energy Loss 
  • Rate of Power Dissipated in a Resistor
  • EMF's and Batteries
  • Internal Resistance and Maximum Power Delivered

4. Combinations of Resistors

  • Simplifying Electric Circuits 
  • Equivalent Resistors
  • Resistors in Series vs Parallel and how to identify the different combinations

5. Applying Kirchhoff's Rules to Circuits

  • Problem solving strategies for single loop circuits
  • Problem solving strategies for multi-loop circuits
  • Finding the potential across resistors and between any two points in a circuit
  • Understand measuring devices such as ammeters and voltmeters.

6. RC Circuits

  • Learn how to analyze RC circuits in the short and long time limits
  • Charging vs discharging a Capacitor
  • Understand RC time constant
  • Understand energy conservation during charging and discharging a capacitor.

The class is a combination of lectures and tutorial.  I've put together a series of example problems, algebraic and conceptual, to help you better understand the material.   

The are over 60 fully solved circuit problems in this class.      

There are 4 problem set in the course:

1) Multiple Short Questions

2) Circuits with Resistors and EMF's

3) RC Circuits

4) Conceptual Problems

If you watch the lessons, work on the problems, i'm certain you'll become very proficient at analyzing DC circuits.

If at any point during any of my classes you didn't understand something, just message me and i'll make it right.   Physics Ninja always has your back!

Happy Learning,

Dr. E.

Physics Ninja and Expert Physics and Math Teacher

Physics 100: Mastering Ohm's Law and DC Circuits
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