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Physics - Static Electricity for High School and AP Physics

This course specifically covers the topic of electrostatics including electric charge, force, field, and potenial
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Students will have a strong foundation and thorough understanding of the fundamental principles behind electrostatics (static electricity).

This course on static electricity is a continuation of a series of courses designed for AP Physics 1 & 2 and Regents Physics.  

Static electricity, also known as electrostatics, is the first topic within the broader electromagnetism category.  The course leads off introducing students to the electric charge.  Students will learn the various methods of charging, including charging by conduction, polarization, and charging by induction.  

We will work our way into a vector view on electrostatics through Coloumb's law where we will build a conceptual and quantitative understanding of the electric force.  We will also deeply investigate the electric field through ample examples of field line patterns for a multitude of charge combinations including electric dipoles and parallel charged plates.  

We wrap up this course exploring the scalar topics of electrostatics.  Here we will discuss electric potential, potential energy, work, and equipotential lines.  

Upon completion of this course students should look to complete my other courses regarding the other content areas in AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2.

Physics - Static Electricity for High School and AP Physics
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