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Physics of Life 2. Biomechanics

How life pushes the envelope of physics
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An understanding of the basic concepts of stress and strain, and how these concepts apply to living structures
The importance of elastic energy storage in skeletal systems and how these extend the versatility of muscle function
How materials fails, and how biological materials are built to resist failure
The meaning of strength, toughness and resiliency in materials and how these relate to biological materials.
What skeletal systems are, how they function as systems of articulated cantilevers
How water can effectively serve as a skeletal system, and the inherent versatility of hydrostatic skeletons
The physics of walking, running and jumping.

This course deals with the mechanics of life. We cover basic principles of mechanics such as work, power and energy storage, and some of the basic material properties that enable living things not only to support themselves but to propel the body forward by walking, running and jumping. 

Physics of Life Biomechanics is the second of four modules in the series Physics of Life. Physics of Life Thermodynamics was the first. To follow are modules on Physics of Life Fluids, and Physics of Life Wave Phenomena, which is concerned with sound and light.

Physics of Life 2. Biomechanics
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