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Physics 1 (Algebra Based)

Complete course content for High School and College Students in first semester Algebra Based Physics
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Solve any physics problem presented in the first semester of algebra based physics course. The course is an in depth study of statics, kinematics, dynamics, work, power, energy, the properties of matter, temperature, heat, waves, and sound.

Would you like to master Physics? If so, this is the perfect course to achieve that goal! With over 30 lessons, 4 hours of lectures, and hundreds of worked out problems you will come away from this course with the ability to solve any type of physics problem that would be presented in a first semester physics course.

This course is designed for high school students enrolled in Honors Physics 1 and college students taking a 1st semester, algebra based College Physics. If you are having trouble with problem solving and finding solutions, or if your difficulties are in understanding your professor, this course will help you overcome these obstacles. It will also help students prepare for future AP Physics or University Physics classes. And for those of you who just want to learn physics to satisfy your own curiosity, you will find this course invaluable.

As your instructor I am pleased to say that I have15 years of experience teaching physics and am enthusiastic about working with new students. I will give you timely answers to all of your questions and am very appreciative of feedback. If there is ever an example problem that you would like to see solved, I will be happy to add the solution as a supplement to lessons that are already provided.

Physics 1 (Algebra Based)
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