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Physicians: Find the Right Job & Negotiate a Better Contract

Find out what the job is really like, optimize your compensation, and much more.
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After completing this course you will be ready to negotiate a favorable contract for a job that satisfies your key career issues.

Whether you are a resident or fellow, or an early-, mid- or late career physician, this course will help you answer questions like:

- What are my key career issues?

- How can I find jobs that might satisfy my key career issues?

- How can I evaluate jobs during interviews and visits?

- What are my duties and schedule?

- Is the compensation fair?

- How can I leave the job?

Lectures include:

- How health care market consolidation affects your career

- The decline of the voluntary medical staff model

- Accountable Care Organizations

- Health system employment

- Physician-owned independent private practice

- Career costs of family

- Take charge of your job search

- Recruiters, networking, and other job sources

- Learning about the job and community

- Visiting the practice and community

- Physician-owned practice: Joining, buying (into), and starting

- Physician-owned practice: Hospital loan agreement

- Good and poor employment contracts

- Duties, schedule, location, and workload

- Compensation models

- Term and termination of employment

- Professional liability (malpractice) insurance

- Restrictive covenants

- Path to becoming a shareholder in a physician-owned practice

- Negotiating strategies and techniques

Physicians: Find the Right Job & Negotiate a Better Contract
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