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Physical Demonstrations of Calculus III, 3D Math Concepts

See the Math Come to Life!
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Students will be able to describe three dimensional space.
Students will be able to explain a variety of mathematical concepts relevant to three dimensional space.
This course deals only with planes in three dimensions.
This course uses rectangular coordinates only.
This course covers a variety of topics like slopes, fastest rates of increase and 3D coordinates.

Course Overview: 

0. This course is a supplement to calculus III.

1.  This course shows multi-variable math concepts using physical demonstrations.

2. Most of the lessons deal with objects like planes, boxes, cylinders, and triangles and the rectangular, 3D coordinate system.

3. This course uses physical models because these reveal the meaning of the math better.

4. This is a course for those who are comfortable with relating concepts in three dimensions.

5. This is NOT a  math course that relies on formulas.

6. You do not see the author of the course solve specific math problems.

7. This course covers a selection of multivariable math concepts. 

8. This is not an exhaustive course on multivariable mathematics.

9. The course consists of HD videos.

10. The audio is recorded with a studio microphone, so it's clear and crisp.

11. There are no exercises in these videos.

12. For the hearing-impaired, closed-captions are added automatically. I do not have control over those, so they might not be perfect.

See you inside!

Physical Demonstrations of Calculus III, 3D Math Concepts
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