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Phrasal Verbs Practice Tests - The Top 60

Test yourself with a 5-part test on phrasal verbs!
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Phrasal verbs
English grammar

1. Introduction

Hey, you! You've been studying hard in English, but your big obstacle is the large quantity of phrasal verbs that you feel like you have to memorise. Remember, memorisation is okay, but the best thing you can do is apply all of your hard work in real life! With these practice tests, you'll be able to use your knowledge of vocabulary and grammar to choose the right answer to each question. Don't worry; if you get the answer wrong, there is always an explanation describing the correct answer.

2. Answering each question

In the description of each test, there is a brief definition of each phrasal verb, so you'll never feel too lost! Use these definitions to refresh your knowledge of the phrasal verbs in each test.

Remember, each question you answer requires two things; you must know the correct phrasal verb, but you must also be able to conjugate the phrasal verb correctly. REMEMBER: phrasal verbs can have different meanings depending on if they are transitive or intransitive, and many phrasal verbs can be separated by an object or object pronoun.

3. Requirements

It's important to have a previous knowledge of phrasal verbs before you begin these tests. Please have at least an A2 level of English; although a B1 or B2 would be preferable as the grammar in some questions can be particularly complex.

4. Why should I care about phrasal verbs?

Phrasal verbs are amazing for providing additional meaning where there wasn't before. If you want to be friendlier than usual, use a phrasal verb! If you want to avoid offending someone, phrasal verbs are sometimes preferable to their synonyms. Ultimately, it is more important to understand a phrasal verb than to use it in life, but phrasal verbs are going to be your lifesaver in an exam to increase your overall grade!


Good luck and try your best!

Phrasal Verbs Practice Tests - The Top 60
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