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Phrasal Verbs for Accountants: Definitions and Examples

Learn 43 Accounting-Related Phrasal Verbs Today!
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43 Phrasal Verbs that are relevant to the accounting profession

By taking  this course, students will learn important phrasal verbs that are normally used by accountants in the business environment. We will start with an explanation of phrasal verbs and then go through the list. These phrasal verbs include:  account for, dispose of, mark up, mark down, carry over, carry back, carry forward, write off, write down, among many others!

For each phrasal verbs, we will study example sentences that will show how to apply them in a business setting. Some of these are:

  • “We need to make sure we account for all the transactions before the end of the period.”

  • “This financial report breaks down the results region by region.”

  • “According to the latest tax regulations, we will be able to carry back losses up to five years.”

  • “We need to make sure the figures in the financial statements are carried over properly from one year to the next.”

  • “The new CFO will have to deal with the merger of the company.”

  • “The company needs to dispose of all the old machinery before the end of the year.”

  • “The pandemic has forced us to cut salaries down.”

  • “Yes, I looked into the latest tax regulations and the rules for deductions are different now.”

  • “Could you please walk us through the new accounting software?”

In addition, you will have two bonus materials:

  • Tips on preparing management reports

  • Learn how to use the words "hundreds" - "thousands" and "millions"

If you want to learn more, join me in this course and together we will navigate through the fascinating world of phrasal verbs!

Phrasal Verbs for Accountants: Definitions and Examples
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