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PHR SPHR Certification Exam-Like Multiple-Choice Questions

PHR and SPHR Pass License Exam Study and Practice Questions
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Hello and welcome to PHRPass

Hello, My name is N Max Rock. When I passed my PHR exam in 2012, I made a list of all the vocabulary words that I studied. Furthermore, I have come up with a unique study method of arranging PHR exam words in order of the Most Active Index™ (MAI) which puts most used words at the top of the study list for maximum study efficiency. Over the years, I have revised and republished this list to help others pass their PHR certification exam on the first try. Hope it helps.

How To Use Our List -- Study our word list -- in order.

We use a system we developed called the Most Active Index™ (MAI). The MAI derives from crowd theory that given exposure to a large enough group, the most active words are the most important words. The most active words are therefore the words most likely to be used in human resources work, in human resources courses, and on the PHR exam. The words on our list are arranged according to the MAI from most active to least active. Users can maximize their study time by studying the most active real estate license words first.

Study our PHRPass dot com word list -- in order.

Exam-like multiple-choice quizzes are in order of our Most Active Index™ (MAI).

Good luck and we wish upon you all of your dreams!

PHR SPHR Certification Exam-Like Multiple-Choice Questions
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