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PHP WebServices for Android, Iphone and Websites

Learn Basic PHP & MySQL and Create Web Services in one hour.
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Web Services Development Using PHP
What is JSON and Benefits of it?
Softwares used for Local Server to run PHP files

I am Ashu Bajpai. I possess knowledge in various programming languages for web and mobile app. I also teach students via live webinars. I already taught several students using online and offline mode.

Teaching is my passion and I love sharing knowledge.

In this course you will learn basics of PHP programming along with database (MySQL) as well as how to develop REST Web Services (JSON) which will be very helpful for Web Developers and Mobile App developers.

At the end of the course you will be having enough knowledge of developing Web Services in PHP.

Its great for Mobile App developers to learn this which will help to be a back-end developer as well.

Once you learn how to develop web services then you need to depend on any other developer. These web services once developed can be used anywhere; it can be Mobile apps or web apps.

Any app developer always need web services to be integrated in their apps for that they have to wait for the developers to create web services to integrate. So if you are standalone developer then you learn and use in your apps and no dependency will be there on any one. You will be full stack developer.

PHP WebServices for Android, Iphone and Websites
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