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Using a Third Party API to Send SMS with PHP (SMS)

Learn to send SMS messages with your PHP application
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Learn to send SMS messages in their PHP Application

The course has been UPDATED in April 9th, 2020. I created all the lectures brand new from scratch.

In this course, you are going to learn to implement an SMS feature to any PHP website or application. 

Most web applications are using SMS to verify user identity these days and these feature has become necessary to any application. 

As more people get online these days, more hackers and bad people as well, and they are after user identities. Companies have understood how important is to secure their user data and that's why more features are being implemented all the time.

We more security questions, more Recaptcha code, email verifications, and no more phone call verifications than ever before. You as a developer should know how to implement this to your applications. 

Come join me in this new adventure and let's get ahead of the game today!

Using a Third Party API to Send SMS with PHP (SMS)
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