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PHP MySQL & CodeIgniter Course: Complete Guide

Learn to build Dynamic Web Applications from Scratch with PHP MySQL & CodeIgniter
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You will learn Complete PHP & MySQL
You will learn Complete CodeIgniter Framework
You will learn to build CRUD based projects
You will to build custom web applications from scratch
You will learn how to host you web app online
You will learn about MVC & its usage

In this PHP MySQL & CodeIgniter: Complete Guide course you will learn how to build Dynamic web applications from scratch. We will cover everything from PHP core concepts to CodeIgniter web app development.

In the entire course first you will learn complete PHP & MySQL in-depth and we will build a EMS (Employee Management System) CRUD based web application.

Once we are done with the PHP & MySQL project we will then build the same project with OOP (Object Oriented Programming). To be more specific we will learn about MVC (Model View Controller) and how it works in CodeIgniter Framework.

This will help you build EMS Web App in a much more easier way in CodeIgniter framework.

PHP MySQL & CodeIgniter Course: Complete Guide
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