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PHP Codeigniter from beginner to super advanced

Build MVC Applications with codeigniter using best practices
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Build web applications using php and codeigniter framework
Learn MVC (Model View Controller Design Pattern)
Learn mysql database with codeigniter
Learn web design patterns and build scalable and efficient websites
Learn best practices in build Codeigniter applications

PHP is the most used web programing language in the world running over 60 % of the websites that exist today, which makes it one of the most important languages that are worth investing in.

It is also a great choice because it has a great large community, which means whenever you get stuck, there is always someone who has your back to help you get over it.

To build an efficient web application, you should use a framework to cover most of the standard functionalities so that you don't have to re-invent the wheel, and codeigniter is one of them. 

Codeigniter is a free and opensource framework that is very easy and very efficient to work with. It features the MVC design pattern and is a great language to build all types of web applications in a simple but re-bust way, so whether you are building a school project, or the next airbnb, Codeigniter can let you do that and build amazing applications easily.

I have built hundreds of web applications for clients using codeigniter, and in this course I give you the cream of all the experience I have to save you months of headaches and get you ready with the best practices to build your web applications

PHP Codeigniter from beginner to super advanced
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