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PHP 7: desde básico hasta desarrollar un software de venta

Apréndelo desarrollando un software de ventas.
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Desarrollar aplicaciones webs implementando buenas prácticas
Aspirar a un mejor sueldo y ser más competitivo en el mercado actual

¿ On what is the course ?

It is ideal for those who want to start or even better, upgrade technology in PHP and PHP what's new theoretical and practical course in July.

¿ How is composed the course

In the first part will provide an overview of PHP. Then we will review PHP 7 and the innovations that offers this to implement what comes of course. Then we will review OOP, MVC to finally implement it with everything I learned and we can develop our subject which is a software sale .

¿ How is the course structured ?

The course is quite practical and theory will explain at par, whereby each lesson has a video, download material and a forum for questions.

¿ Why take the course

Because this course will give you the necessary foundation so you can implement your knowledge and apply for your first job or upgrade implementing best practices if you already had previous experience. With my teaching methodology it is to convey work experience collected for 7 years.

PHP 7: desde básico hasta desarrollar un software de venta
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