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Photoshop Tutorials: Turn Family Photos Into Art

Easy Photoshop tutorials: Learn how to use Photoshop by turning family photos into Photoshop art your family will love.
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GAIN the skills to create one-of-a-kind family portraits that your family will treasure forever.
BECOME an intermediate Photoshop user in as little as two days.
ATTAIN the Photoshop skills to create other unique altered photography art.
DEVELOP highly marketable Photoshop skills while having fun.
ACQUIRE a collection of over 80 textures and image files for use in other Photoshop projects.

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Photoshop Tutorials: Turn Family Photos Into Treasured Art will have you mastering all the Adobe Photoshop basics in as little as two days.

In these fun and easy Photoshop projects, you will be guided through the process of turning a child's photo into a fairy, transforming a photo of a boy into a comic book character, and turning an ordinary portrait into something spectacular. In only a couple of days you can create fun, unique Photoshop art of your loved ones to hang on the wall or give as gifts.

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These Adobe Photoshop tutorials for beginners will covers the primary Photoshop tools and Photoshop basics, including many of the most commonly used tools, layers and layer blending modes, and other PS skills that are the building blocks of becoming proficient in Photoshop.

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Five Star Review: "Great overview of a nice program. Thank you cat for this nice course. Learning on examples by following your steps is so helpful and you showed all basic tools someone needs to work with Photoshop for themself. Thank you. I am looking for your next project :-)" - Kathrin

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These fun and easy Photoshop tutorials will have you taking immediate action by applying the Photoshop techniques to your own family photos (or the ones provided.) The course files include:

  • 11 photos of people to practice on
  • 63 textures to use over and over in these and other projects
  • 41 backgrounds for your creative enjoyment
  • 32 sparkle and glitter images to add spectacular effects to all future projects
  • 8 pairs of fairy wings to use over and over

The 58 lectures that make up this 4-hour course will have you creating your own professional-quality, one-of-a-kind family portraits in no time - all the while learning highly marketable Photoshop skills that you can apply to other projects, and even make money with. Learn how to use Photoshop now. Your family will thank you.Start on your path the becoming a Photoshop pro now, the benefits are numerous. Here are just a few:

  • The ability to make amazing photo/digital art that your friends and family will love
  • Gain a highly marketable skill needed in numerous professions around the world
  • Hone a new artistic medium that can take your art to a new level

Purchase the course today and become one of the select few in the world who are experts in the best image editing program on the planet. Join over 1,500 students who have taken this course in the first month it launched (June 1st, 2015).

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Photoshop Tutorials: Turn Family Photos Into Art
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