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Photoshop Retouching Techniques for Every Problem

Learn photoshop techniques for image retouching. Solve every photography problem!
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You will learn how too retouch every problem in photoshop
You will learn how to retouch acnes, scares and other extreme cases of skin imperfections
You will learn retouching tools available in photoshop
You will learn frequency separation retouching technique
You will learn dodge & burn retouching technique
You will learn how to fix color shifts on the skin
You will learn non-destructive retouching
ou will learn how to recover skin texture and how to build skin texture from scratch
You will learn how to retouch lips
You will learn how to retouch eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes
You will learn how to retouch make up
You will learn how to retouch nails
You will learn how to retouch clothes
You will learn how to mask images
You will learn how to retouch hair and make them smooth
You will learn how to retouch stretch marks
You will lean how to change background
You will learn how to retouch underarms

My name is Marcin, on the daily basis I work in the industry as image post production artist. I have worked with top brands and photographers which gives me advantage comparing to other photoshop teachers, because in my courses. I teach knowledge based on real life experience. I retouched for top fashion brands and my work appeared in such magazines like vogue, numero, loficiel, nylon and many others.

Except the retouching, I have been teaching photoshop since 2012. I started from youtube, where I have been uploading photoshop tips and tutorials. My free videos were watched close to 8 milion times on youtube.

To this day I was trusted by over 200 000 students who decided to learn from my premium courses.
And now I am coming to with this brand new Retouching Course that will teach you everything about retouching you need to know to deal with major photography problems.

I have designed this course thinking of every day photographers and photoshop users that struggle with retouching when some weird problem appears. We have all been there, working on set of the images while suddenly we need to face this one annoying issue, wasting hours before finding a solution. But not anymore, because this course is full of retouching solutions for most common retouching tasks!

With my course you will learn important retouching subjects as portrait retouching, beauty retouching, retouching family or wedding images, or even editorials. This course focus on all of the photoshop struggles that photographers face in every day work.

If you want to learn how to retouch images fast and in the right way, this is the best course available right now on the market! You will learn how to retouch skin, lips, make up, retouch stretch marks, underarms, clothes, hair and much more!

Learning from professional post production artist is the key to developing your own skills and avoiding future mistakes. This course is best choice if you are photographer who do a lot of portraits and need to deliver high quality work to their clients. Also, after this course you will be able to retouch images of others which allows you to make extra money as a retoucher, just as I do!

Let me just tell you the list of subjects I am going to teach you in this retouching course:

  • Don’t worry if you just start with photoshop because in this course I will start by introducing retouching tools available in photoshop. You will know the differences between them, how they work and when is best to use specyfic tool.

  • I will introduce to you different retouching techniques for speeding up your retouching workflow, including frequency separation. For those who seek more advanced knowledge I will introduce dodge and burn retouching technique.

  • You will learn how to retouch even extreme cases of skin imperfection such as deep acne, scars and discolouration. What’s best about it. You will know how to retouch this in non destructive way.

  • You will learn how to recover or build skin texture from scratch.

  • You will learn different techniques for retouching, dark eye shadows, and other common issue.

  • You will learn how to retouch hot. Retouch hair, including techniques on how to make hair soft and shiny.

  • You will learn how to retouch body hair.

  • In some more detailed work I will show you many techniques on retouching lips, you will know how to clean them up, define lip line, make them smooth and add lip gloss.

  • You will know how to retouch eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, make up and nails!

  • This course will teach you how to deal with stretch marks, underarm folds, or other tricky tasks!

  • You will know how to mask even most difficult cases of messy hair and change background.

  • How to define natural curves of the models.

  • I have prepared for you a lot of tasks so you can practice with provided images and retouching actions!

So if you feel this is what you are looking for. Let’s start our photoshop adventure. So if learning photoshop retouching for absolutely every task, from expert in the field is your thing. I feel you should jump to the next video.

Photoshop Retouching Techniques for Every Problem
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