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Photo Editing in Photoshop - Beginner to Advanced in 1 Hour

Learn photo editing and retouching for photographs in Photoshop CC from a beginner to advanced level.
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Edit Photos in Photoshop Using Various Tools
Efficiently use Adobe Camera RAW
Retouch Skin and Hair
Remove Spots and Blemishes
Color Correct Images
Add Adjustments Professional Digital Artists Use
Have a Foundation Routine For Editing Images

*Updated 2016

>> Photo Editing in Photoshop without any Experience Required.

About this course

This course teaches you how to edit and retouch images in Photoshop using quick and effective methods to make your work stand out.

You will be learning skills top digital artists, retoucher's and photographers use to make their photos pop, look sharp and get attention to stand out from the crowd.

Example Skills include:

  • Cropping and resizing an image non-destructively
  • Color Correcting
  • Adjusting Black and White Levels
  • Sharpening and adding Noise
  • Using Adobe Camera RAW (built-in to Photoshop)
  • + Lots more

Beginner friendly + Project files included.

This course is easy to follow along. You will receive access to the same photos I edit in the lectures. You will also be able to practically learn by following along in each lesson, helping you hone your skills and learn quicker whilst getting comfortable with Photoshop and its tools.

About the Instructor Aaron

My name is Aaron and I will be your personal instructor. I have over 5 years experience in Photoshop retouching images and also have a Graphic Design Diploma. I will be teaching you from experience working for clients such as Red Bull, Carlsberg and Spotify. 

Finally, you get my full attention on feedback. You are welcomed and encouraged to post your final result in the student discussion section where I will provide feedback to you.

What makes this course different?

You will be learning from the experience of a Digital Artist who has worked on major projects for big brands. Therefore, the skills taught are from a professional background and will ensure you get the best learning available. In addition, I also take pride ensuring my courses don't cover free material and truly give you the best information available: I love helping you learn and want to make the experience memorable. 

Take this course today and learn to Edit Photos in Photoshop like a professional.

Photo Editing in Photoshop - Beginner to Advanced in 1 Hour
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per course
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