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Photoshop for Arch Viz: Project Based Post-Processing Course

In just a few hours, you'll be using Photoshop to take your 3d renderings to the next level. 3ds Max, V-Ray, Photoshop.
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Take the course project from raw renderings to a dramatic finished image
Use pro techniques to dramatically alter the look and feel of your images
composite new skies, people, lens effects and more into 3d renderings
composite a final image from 32 bit floating point render channels
add together different render channels to create a complete image with absolute control.
turn day images into night
enhance details and make renderings pop using Photoshop tools
fully understand the Photoshop workflow as it applies to architectural 3d renderings
better understand the Photoshop UI and all of its tools
make renderings that stand out from the crowd
create stunning imagery with the help of post-processing in Photoshop
use render channels from any rendering suite to enhance your images
create selection sets for every object / material in your scene, quickly and easily
create Photoshop files that give you complete control over every detail of your scene in post
adjust the light levels of a scene after it is already rendered

  *New Project Added 10/12/2018

  *Recent feedback: 

  "If anybody is still wondering about getting this course or not than just stop and get it it's worth it and you won't get more informative lessons on post processing your renders that easy. Great work on the course, i enjoyed it!" 


The Course 

    To become a true master of architectural visualization, or 3d in general, you have to understand good post-processing techniques.  All the fancy renderings you see out there on the internet are processed in some way, usually Photoshop.  Photoshop can be just as complicated to master as the 3d software, but it is equally as important for a striking image. 

    Follow me in this course, and you will get all my techniques for processing a 3d image. The course structure follows 4 major sections, all of them building upon each other.  They are: 

  Basic processing of an image 

  • setting up your renderings to give you the right channels / render elements

  • creating perfect selection sets

  • using render channels to enhance your scene

  • basic Photoshop adjustments

  Advanced Compositing 

  • use raw 32 bit render channels to composite a rendering from different elements

  • learn to have complete control over lighting in post

  • change your day rendering to night

  • turn off the sun in post

  • continue with a non-destructive workflow

  Composite In Cutouts 

  • learn to make people and other objects fit seamlessly into your scene

  Final Touches 

  • this is where I teach you everything I know to enhance your scene

JUST ADDED: New Post-Processing Project

  • download render elements of a new project and finish it off with pro post-processing tips

    If you are looking to take your rendering skills to the next level, this course is for you!  Join up now, and in no time you will be a Photoshop expert, taking your architectural rendering from average to spectacular. 

    See you in class! 

Photoshop for Arch Viz: Project Based Post-Processing Course
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