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Photoshop Fundamentals

Learn the critical skills you need to become a Photoshop master!
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Navigate the Photoshop User Interface effectively, as well as use Photoshop's in depth tool set to create stunning work with photographs or art work.

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Getting the most from Photoshop requires an in depth understanding of the tool set. Whether you're learning Photoshop to create better photographs, web design, game creation, or digital painting you need to know how to navigate Photoshop quickly and accurately.

With over 11 hours of training, you'll get the most in depth introduction available to this industry leading software! We're so certain, we've made the first TWENTY SIX videos FREE TO PREVIEW!

We've been teaching 2D and 3D software skills online for 15 years, and have a reputation for our "fundamentals" courses exceeding much of the training you would get as an intermediate or even advanced user. You'll find this course is no different!

Structured to walk you through each of the tools in a method that builds from navigation to a complete understanding of the tool set, even the tools you can't see at top level! As you progress, you'll become comfortable diving into Photoshop without concern!

When you've completed this training, you'll have an in depth understanding of:

  • UI Navigation
  • Brushes and Painting
  • Layers and Channels
  • Blend Modes and Blending Options
  • Masks and Clipping Masks
  • Adjustments and Adjustment Layers
  • Mixers, Gradients, and Thresholds
  • Transforms and Puppet Warp
  • Content Aware Scaling
  • And much more!
This course will cover all of the functions, tools, and skills needed to become a Photoshop professional! All it needs is YOU.
Photoshop Fundamentals
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