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Photoshop From Scratch to Logos, Digital Drawing & Projects

Learn photoshop basics, how to get logo ideas, design logos, business card & draw a portrait
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Know all basics about Adobe Photoshop.
Use the most common tools of Photoshop
How to get a creative idea for professional Logos.
How to design a Business Card.
Digital drawing / drawing portrait.
Are you looking to learn graphic design especially Adobe Photoshop ?

This course will help you go from beginner to expert & make you qualified to work as freelancer because you will learn:

  • All basics about Photoshop and how to use it.
  • Cover the most common tools, menus, panels, mask, filters.
  • Understand concepts of Layers, pixels, resolution, etc...
  • How to start your first project.
  • How to get a creative logo idea & carry out it.
  • How to design a business card.
  • Drawing a portrait of a human face.

Imagine if you can learn all these topics through one course that covers all your needs and the most required skills which make you highly qualified to be hired as a professional graphic designer.
This course is more practical rather than theoretical as it focus on market-need skills and what the clients demand from the designer to hire him/her.

All this and a whole lot more is covered in details. To help improve the learning experience and increase knowledge, we also provide detailed working files that allow you to follow along with the instructor and replicate what's being taught. If you want to learn Photoshop CS6 at your own pace, this is the training course for you.

Photoshop From Scratch to Logos, Digital Drawing & Projects
$ 24.99
per course
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