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Photoshop for Textile Design

Adobe Photoshop for CAD designers / Textile artists. Prints: repeat, color reduction, color matching, plaid and weave
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Photoshop for Textile design, Fashion CAD design
17 Lectures and about 3 hours of content!
Creating print repeat- straight and half-drop
Clean print, reduce and index colors
Create full body CAD
Create yarn dye artwork: plaids, stripes and knits
Matching colors quickly, using Action option

My course “Adobe Photoshop for textile design” is for Fashion CAD artists and Textile Designers. Also, I’d recommend it for Fashion Designers who are going to start their own business and have no room in their budget to hire a CAD designer.

I hope it will be interesting and useful for professionals and for those who are discovering the world of textile design as a new carrier opportunity.

Why Photoshop? There are many advance textile programs on the market, but their prices are several times higher than Photoshop, and not every business can afford them. Moreover, corporations very often use different programs so it’s hard to use your previous experience, whereas most companies have Photoshop

We are going to learn how to:

Create repeats- straight and half drop;

Do color separations, color reductions;

Clean artworks- several different ways;

Match colors quickly- using “Photoshop action” option;

Create plaids using different kinds of weave-plain, twill, even and uneven.

Create knits using a stitch effect.

Hope you’ll like it!

Photoshop for Textile Design
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