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Photoshop for Non-Artists: Texture Libraries

Learn how to create a library of textures for use in games, design, and web applications
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Create a library of textures suitable as a base for game and design work
Use Photoshop's native tools to create without any experience with drawing.
Gain skill and knowledge to add basic painting to enhance the quality and realism of your textures

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Easy to follow!

This series is a continuation of the 2D Game Art series (free). We'll explore filters, layer styles, blend modes, and more to maximize the heavy lifting Photoshop does for us when creating textures. By the end of the course, you'll have a strong start to a library of base textures you can use to create designs for games, web development, and more. You'll practice a little hand painting of textures, and complete 3 projects. Two 2D game pieces and a desktop background.

No Wacom tablet is needed. You can complete this training using only a mouse!

Photoshop for Non-Artists: Texture Libraries
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