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Photoshop for landscaper and garden design

Master Photoshop for garden renderings
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Manage dashboard
Edit windows
Create new document
Save and export
Find images
Understand layers with garden photos
Use layer mask
Create selections
Improve selections
Crop trees
Master the main tools for garden design
Edit photo elements with correction tools
Use pen tool
Use brush
Apply patterns
Xork with perspective to place trees
Add filters
Create textures
Improve colors
Use adjustment layers
Use tree filter
Improve terrace
Improve blank garden
Create render before after
Create futur render of garden
Use processes to change textures

Photoshop for garden landscaping

Welcome to this Photoshop training specially dedicated to garden landscaping. This course will allow you to use Photoshop to visualize landscaping through editing and photo editing. The possibilities of Photoshop are endless and the software is extremely versatile. Many tools and techniques will be seen in the training, and the main focus is on dedicated learning for landscape work. Photoshop is useful for garden design because it allows above all to give an idea of ​​rendering a future garden. Thus it is quite possible to take a blank photo of a field, and use Photoshop to add plants, change textures and give a view of the future project.

Who is the course for?

This course is for everyone who wants to use Photoshop specifically for landscaping and garden design. You are a student in graphic design, you are a student in landscape, you are a student in architecture, you are a professional who wishes to have complementary skills, or simply a particular eager to learn about Photoshop and this theme, so this course is for you .

Training course

In this training, you will learn Photoshop for garden design. The goal is to master the software from the beginning. You will start by learning the basics with the work interface, the layer system or even the masks, always with examples on photos of garden landscaping. You will learn the main selections and tools for making photo montage and rendering. Several techniques will be seen to change the texture of floors, apply patterns or improve selections. Training will also be present on the basis of a photo to be arranged. Basics of a plan with Photoshop will also be covered. At the end of the training, you will be able to take a photo and make a montage to visualize a future garden.

Photoshop for landscaper and garden design
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