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Photoshop for photo editing and photo montage

Use Photoshop for editing all your photos and create photo montage
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Master selection tools
Master editing tools
Understand the layers
Understand the layer mask
Understand the adjustment layer
advanced trimming techniques
Use and interpret settings for setting a photo
All filters explained
Edit and improve a face
Make up a face
Add effects
Create photo montage
Improve dark photos
Basics of Camera Raw

Photoshop for photo editing

Welcome to this Photoshop training specially dedicated to photo editing and photo editing. This course will allow you to know all the important points of the Photoshop software for editing. The possibilities of Photoshop are endless and the software is extremely versatile. Knowing how to master the techniques and tools, you will be able to do any type of editing and photo editing. Many tools and techniques will be seen in the training, and the focus is essentially on learning dedicated to photography.

Who is the course for?

This course is for everyone who wants to use Photoshop especially for photo editing, photo editing, color work, etc ... You are a graphic arts student, you are an amateur or professional photographer, or you simply want to learn Photoshop for personal use to beautify all your photos and create your own editing, this course is for you.

The training program

- Start with Photoshop

- Layers

- Master the clipping techniques

- Master retouching tools

- Understand the settings and vocabulary of editing a photo

- Filters explanations

- Create effects

- Retouch and correct portraits and bodies

- Retouch and correct landscapes

- Bring out the colors and improve any type of photo

- The basics of Camera Raw the extension that allows to quickly edit raw photos

- Make montages with clipping

- Use the different masks

Photoshop for photo editing and photo montage
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