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Photoshop Kickstarter For Beginners

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The Importance of Camera RAW
Removing Unwated Objects From Your Images
How To Create A Stunning Realistic Composite
How To Change Skies In Photoshop Quickly and Easily
The Basics Of Portrait Retouching

If you are someone who loves to edit images but you're always been intimidated of how complicated Photoshop looks, then this course is for you. Editing in Lightroom and in other programs like that is fun, but sometimes we all wish we'd have more freedom with the post processing of our images and that is why I created this course.

I wanted to go back to the basics and simplify the program so everyone can understand and begin editing in Photoshop quickly and easily. I've edited in Photoshop for thousands and thousands of hours and I've noticed that the most important thing is always to understand the basics and build a routine for them so in the long run they would come automatically for you without even thinking about them.

You will learn how to use Camera RAW effectively, How to remove things from your images in 3 different simple ways, How to create a stunning photo composite, how to blend, how to change a sky in a realistic way and I also the basics of skin retouching to you.

This is a no brainer if you've never used Photoshop before but it is also good for more advanced users who want to freshen up their memory about the basics. See you in the course!

Photoshop Kickstarter For Beginners
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