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Modern Flat Design Masterclass in Adobe Illustrator

Build Your Own Portfolio of Modern Flat Design Digital Illustrations and Use Adobe Illustrator Independently
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Design gorgeous digital illustrations and original gaphics in Adobe Illustrator
How to create a flat design garden scene
How to create a flat design landscape scene
How to create a flat design night camping scene
How to create a flat design garden scene
How to create a flat design airport terminal scene
How to design a flat design smartphone and app icons

Affinity Illustrator is an industry standard when comes to creating vector graphics   

In fact, it can be the only program you will ever need if you want to create

  • digital illustrations and posters 

  • custom graphic elements like icons and styles 

  • logos, business cards and websites

All in one piece of software!   

But the abundance of options can be a bit overwhelming.   

Luckily, you can learn all the things that will quickly allow you to work with Illustrator independently in one place.   

In this more than 8-hour long (and counting) course you will learn how to easily use Illustrator  by designing modern flat design illustrations.   

If you are thinking about starting your career as a graphic designer and want to learn Illustrator or you just need solid design software skills for work, you will find all that is necessary for that in this course.   

Because it teaches you through hands on learning and doesn't bore you with technical details before you start.   

Inside you will find   

  • Gorgeous yet easy to create modern flat design digital illustrations that you can use for your own portfolio

  • High quality, perfect-paced flat design projects

  • Tons of useful skills and shortcuts to make your own designs happen   

  • Easy to learn ways of getting things done in Adobe Illustrator   

  • Practical supporting files for you to use in your own work   

Each project carefully designed to allow you to develop in-demand graphic design skills.

Because this course is not just about creating digital illustrations.

It's first and foremost about you developing software skills that will allow you to shine among  design wannabes.

This course will let you build your very own portfolio of modern flat design digital illustrations and application icons.   

So if you are tired and bored with courses not showing you how to practically use the tools and skills they teach, give this course a shot.   

Its ultimate goal is for you to have skills you can use for the rest of your design career.   

Hope to see you inside!   


Modern Flat Design Masterclass in Adobe Illustrator
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