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Adobe Photoshop CC: Creating Typography

Learn how to Use Photoshop Features for Creating an Amazing Typography with Layer Styles!
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You will be able to earn Money from your Photoshop Skills
You will learn Photoshop Features Easily
You will be able to teach Typography
You will Create a New Document
You will be able to work with all Layer Styles
You will Use Selection Tools
You will learn cropping and resizing
You will learn working with Transformations Modes
You will be able to use Color boxes
You will add gorgeous Patterns to your Text
You will be able to Design a LOGO for a company
You will add lots of styles on your Text or Image
You will create realistic Shadows

Photoshop CC 2020: Creating Typography

  • No Prior Photoshop knowledge needed "Guaranteed"

  • All future & additional lectures will always be free of charge

  • No illustrator or other software is needed "You only need Photoshop".

  • Unconditional Udemy 30 day money-back guarantee - that's my personal promise of your success!

In this course you're going to learn all the rules and tricks in order to use typography effectively. This course is for those beginning their design career, who are still in school, or who are self taught.

If you've used Photoshop before, then this course may amaze you with all the improvements that have been made to the program. If you're new to Photoshop, don't be nervous or worry that it will be overwhelming. We'll start at the beginning and teach you everything you need to know in simple, everyday language so you understand and learn.

We'll be going over skills that any professional designer would need to excel in the working world. By the end of this course, you'll have a theoretical and practical understanding of typography that will directly aid you in a real world setting. These skills apply to any area of graphic design, including web or UI design.

Why is this course different? 

  • Simple and clear script

  • In comparison with others , we will teach you the full Photoshop course in less hours

  • Progressive difficulty: we start slow and we build our way up 

  • Tons of activities, exercises, and challenges 

  • Impeccable sound and video quality 

  • Quality instructor support: respond quickly to all questions

  • All lectures are straight to the point - minimal effort, maximum results 

  • Learn practically, not theoretically! 

By the end of this course you will be able to use the program easily for creating Typography. Whether you are looking for freelancing opportunities, or developing a personal hobby, get started today on your Photoshop Typography journey! 

Adobe Photoshop CC: Creating Typography
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