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Photography with Mindfulness.

Use your camera or iPhone to explore different aspects of your life and yourself.
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We will help you take more thoughtful photos
Different photographic composition techniques
Become better at noticing and awareness
Learn about interesting explorers and artists and mindful photographers
Contribute your photos to our Mindful World project

Find purpose for your photography, create more thoughtful and artistic photographs using your camera or phone with this interesting enjoyable course. I am a Photography Teacher, Coach and Artist.

I can only say he was an amazing, approachable teacher with tons of ideas and input that reached far beyond the college degree. Thank you Mike!

-C.Nir WWF Hamburg

Mike’s workshops and classes were essential in bridging the gap between art photography and commercial photography during my time at IADT. He is a fountain of knowledge and very approachable. His classes and hugely insightful 1-to-1 technical sessions have more of a collaborative feeling rather than the traditional instructor/student dynamic.

- Mike Ivers Assistant Producer for BBC TV & Media

Mike helped me a lot through my BA Photography course at IADT, he gave me valuable tips about the studio lighting when working with fashion models and product photography as well. He mentored me while working in the studio and always made sure I had a good understanding of how to work with the lights to achieve the best results. I could always refer to Mike for additional help when I needed it, he is very open and friendly and gave reassurance. Mike also gave me very good advices on commercial photography and product photography, which I have been using ever since

-V.Cavaleiro Photographer

Mike is a fantastic teacher. From the very beginning he puts his students at ease. Learning about them and what they need from the course. He is a wealth of knowledge and holds nothing back. Mike has such great insight and eagerness to pass on everything he has learnt since picking up a camera at a young age. I have seen Mike teaching very simple lighting techniques using just natural light through to complicated multi-light setups with gels, bounce and everything in-between. If you get a chance to learn from him I would not let it slip by, he is a master of his craft! I consider myself very fortunate to have learnt from Mike in college and also to have gone on to assist him commercially for years.

K.Tunney Photographer

Photography with Mindfulness.
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