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Photography post-production workflow

An overview course for new and intermediate-level photographers
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You will understand that photography goes beyond the production phase.
You will learn about archiving digital photos and backing them up.
You will discover the steps of an efficient post-production workflow.
You will see the difference between exporting for web and saving for print.

If you don't know what to do after taking photographs with your camera, if you spend too much time at your computer trying to decide which photo to print, if you don't know the difference between saving a file for the web and for print, this introductory course will help you out. In a few short screencast videos I show the steps I take in my post-production workflow. At the end you will be aware of what post-production is, what steps you should take and in what order.

NOTE: This course neither goes deep in Adobe Photoshop, nor in Adobe Lightroom.

Photography post-production workflow
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