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Portrait Photography Masterclass: Portrait Lifestyle Series

A Pro Camera Is Not All You Need to Make An Effective Portrait, Learn the Story Telling Secrets
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Shoot People You Don't Know
Creative Portrait Photography
Master outdoor backgrounds to get distraction free portraits
Take better portraits by generating a twist in the subject's body
Take better portraits by moving subjects into the right backgrounds
Take better portraits by getting better expressions
Take better portraits by picking better outdoor light
Take better portraits by creating better angles of the head
Take better portraits by creating better angles of the body
Photograph couples while you guide them through fun activities
Learn to take heirloom images of your friends and family for the first time.
Learn to take beautiful and natural portraits that you, your clients, and your family will love.
Learn to create holiday cards the right way
Learn to shoot professional portraits.
Photograph children to capture their natural playfulness
Capture your children's most precious moments without interrupting them.
Pose large groups with confidence knowing you've got hundreds of easy options
Know how to keep subjects relaxed and enjoying themselves
Organize groups for better photos
Take better pictures of children
Cultivate natural smiles by having more fun with your subjects
Keep pets safe while taking fun pet portraits indoors or outdoors
Pose subjects

I started in photography hoping to pay off my camera.  In a few short months I had paid off my full frame DSLR, pro lens, and lights by using a really effective photography system.  I'll show you this system and take you along as we shoot portraits and pose subjects.  Photography is a super competitive market and it's hard to make money.  If you want a shot at a successful photography business study with someone who has run a profitable photography business (many online instructors haven't ever done this).

When. you done, you'll be able to:

  • Build hundreds of photo poses from memory

  • Discover great portrait light with ease

  • Master professional photo editing

  • Find your creativity as a photographer and artist

Professional tips and tricks to improve your photography

Learning the foundations of portrait photography from this course.  This training will put a powerful and very useful skill at your fingertips.  Portraits have been one of the most enduring disciplines of photography and one of the most powerful.

Being a skilled portrait photographer (and there really aren't many of them out there) opens many doors.  Freelance portrait photography and wedding photography are prime jobs for a talented portrait photographer.

Photography Class Content and Overview

Suitable for beginners and intermediate photographers, in this course of over 130 lectures and 12 hours you'll learn the fundamentals of portrait photography and portrait photography editing.  You'll build a strong foundation as a photographer that you can use to break into other disciplines of photography such as street photography or wedding photography. 

Starting with a practical application section of lighting, posing, editing, and working with clients, you'll move to key theory lessons and some practical experiences from the field.

With these basics mastered we'll also explore sunset portraits, some studio lighting, and backlit silhouettes so you can build variety into your portfolio.

You will have the skills to setup, shoot, and edit like a pro when the course is complete.

Then, put your skills to use as we enjoy a monthly photo contest where you can enjoy other students work, learn from their images, ask questions, and have a chance to win your first photo contest while you cheer on your fellow students.

Complete with over 300 sample images that clearly show shutter speed, aperture, and ISO so you can master these essential photography skills all in one, fun class.  Why not join me today and see what you've been missing!

Portrait Photography Masterclass: Portrait Lifestyle Series
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