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Photography For Online Business

Online Business
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What are Online Business, Fundamentals Of Online Business Photography
What is Clarity - Sharpness, Brightness, Colors
Categorizing Product for Online Business
Teaches you about small absorbable product with small coverage & small transparent product with small coverage
Teaches you about black colored product with small coverage
How to post processing & retouching
How to shoot clothing for online business
Preparing for large product shoot

Learn how to shoot nice photos suitable for the usage of online sales & online businesses.

This course is produced & conducted by master-trainer Andrew Boey himself.

Topics covered in this e-learning course:

  • Lesson 1, establishes the core basics of online business photoshoot requirements; products must be shot Clear, Sharp, sufficiently bright & faithful color reproductions. Subscribers will learn why this is vital in every aspect through understanding various photos and good ads.

  • Lesson 2, teaches subscribers to identify the purpose of each product, identify how to project using images each of these products' main usage, the materials used. Subscribers will also learn how to bring out the products' texture, thereby accurately show their sizes, and form/dimension representations.

  • Lesson 3, teaches subscribers how to shoot products and items to be out-standing from the crowded online competitors. Subscribers will also be shown in detail how to include product's or item's complete packing - what you get in-a-box sort of pictures.

  • Lesson 4, this lesson teaches the most important skill: shoot location identification that can be found within your house or office:

    - How to find & evaluate locations you never use or thought you have before
    - What walls and colors that are suitable (what if there is no white wall?)
    - Identify a good corner (the basic concept of diagonal shooting technique)

  • Lesson 5, subscribers will be taught product and shoot categorizing by size & build materials

    - Small-sized items (jewelries, accessories, handycrafts, soap, candles, watches, sunglasses)
    - Medium-sized items (eg: helmets, leather bags, refurbish electrical items, shoes)
    - Large-sized items (clothing, jackets)
    - Absorable products or transparent products or reflective products or combinations and how they affect your lighting styles & types.

  • Lesson 6, teaches subscribers about the main differences between types digital cameras, eg: to go for DSLRs or Mirrorless. You will also be introduced to camera models you should buy and suitable for your style of shootings. Andrew will then proceed to show how he can perform quality shoots with various types of cameras and show the differences in qualities of each.

  • Lesson 7, learn how to shoot small items. Subcribers will learn how to select, purchase or build their arsenal of equipment; from lightboxes, lighting tents, colored papers & flags, stands to props and much more. Andrew's approaches will focus on: cost saving and easy to store when not in use.

  • Lesson 8, learn how to shoot Medium to Large sized items or products, despite of not having sufficient shooting space. You will also learn to perform set designing creatively, propping techniques, and vital yet easy post-processing methods using simple and cheap image-editing software.

  • Lesson 9, how to shoot for others and how to price your shoots and how you can be efficient in such shoots.

Photography For Online Business
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