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Photography - Canon 2000D/1500D/REBEL T7 Camera User Course

Master your Canon EOS 2000D/1500D/ Rebel T7 and take great photographs and videos - Ideal for Beginners and Hobbyists.
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You will learn how to use your EOS 2000D, EOS 1500D or Rebel T7 camera to take great pictures and videos!

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This course on the Canon 2000D / 1500D / Rebel T7 is designed for you !

This Canon 2000D / 1500D / Rebel T7 tutorial is a superb course for anyone who wants to get the best out of their Canon EOS 2000D | 1500d | Rebel T7 (this is the same camera, but Canon has branded it differently around the world). Ideal for anyone who has just bought their first DSLR, it covers all the basics, explaining each button and setting in detail. Then it explains how to use the settings so that you can produce beautiful professional-level photography. The author, Jeremy Bayston, has been a picture editor for national newspapers for nearly 30 years and brings a wealth of experience to the course. He has produced over 4 hours of specially made, over the shoulder, training videos, which go into greater detail on Effects, Menus, Modes, Shooting Videos, getting the best sound for movies, and much more.  

This tutorial offers 

  • Has 17 exclusive videos about the Modes, Tabs, Autofocus, Filters, Flash and more

  • Helps you get a great feel for the camera, exploring the shooting modes, and effects

  • Explains the settings to get better results from exposure, lighting and focus

  • Includes videos on shooting video and recording sound with the Canon 2000D / 1500D / T7

Jeremy Bayston also discusses the best equipment you should get for your DSLR and offers great tips and advice for improving your picture taking. 

This course tells you all you need to know to get started with the Canon EOS 2000D | 1500D | Rebel T7. Then it shows you how to take great pictures and videos with this Canon DSLR camera. 

For more experienced photographers, these videos explain the advanced functions so that you can quickly get started. They also explain the camera controls, and guide you through all the Menu Tabs and Custom Settings to help you best set up the camera for your specific shooting needs. 

With this video course, you get the perfect blend of photography instruction and camera reference that will take your images to the next level.

Contents include: Getting to know your 2000D: Exploring the Canon EOS 2000D - This chapter explains every button, dial, and indicator on your camera. Where to Start: Walks you through setting up your camera for immediate use. The Buttons in detail: This chapter teaches you how each of the 2000D’s modes functions and effects can help you produce excellent results. Lenses: A chapter on the best lenses to use for stills and video. Flashguns: How to use flash and what to look for look for in Flashguns.

This SUPERB Canon EOS 2000D | 1500D | Rebel T7 tutorial course can help you progress you from absolute beginner to accomplished DSLR photographer!

Photography - Canon  2000D/1500D/REBEL T7 Camera User Course
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