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Photo Painting with FotoSketcher

Photo to Art Transformation
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How to create impressionistic painting from a photo on a computer

It doesn’t matter whether you are an artist or a photographer, an amateur or a professional - you are the Creator!

It doesn’t matter whether you make art by hand or digitally – this is Your choice! The Key point is - to open your Soul, express your Feelings, and get the viewers appreciate your Creation!

When you take beautiful photos of landscapes, streets, people, flowers, pets or nature - you probably thought to yourself – how wonderful it would be to make a painting out of this photo!

In my Course, I will teach you on how to transform a regular photo into a realistically-looking digital painting. No one would believe that you just made it on your computer.

The beauty of my technique lays in three words – Easy, Free and Fantastic!

Easy - because no artistic or any other special skills is required. The automated process, will make all the job for you in five minutes!

Free - because the software, that we will be using, is hundred percent free of charge! There is nothing else you need to purchase additionally in this course.

Fantastic - because the result of photo to paint transformation is stunning!

I hope that you will enjoy this course!

Photo Painting with FotoSketcher
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