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Photo editing with Camera Raw

Edit and enhance all your photos in real time with Camera Raw in Photoshop
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Use Camera Raw in Photoshop
Open photo from Photoshop
Understand the work of Camera Raw
Understand the vocabulary for photo editing
Navigate on photo
Understand histogram
Master basic adjustments
Improve highlights and shadows
Improve colors
Improve details
Improve contrast
Correct defaults
Add effects
Crop photo
Use brush
Use graduated filter
Use radial filter
Add effects
Create selective black and white
Edit face
Improve landscape photos

Camera Raw

Camera Raw is an extension located in Photoshop software filters. It allows you to have access to a complete interface to edit your images. This interface is quite similar to Lightroom, but the advantage is that you can directly edit your photos with this interface directly using Photoshop, in an efficient and intuitive way.

Raw files

A Raw file cannot be edited. Changes made to the image are therefore not saved in the image itself. The Raw file has the raw data of your photos and that is why you will be able to independently correct each parameter. Most cameras generate a Raw file. Rest assured all the images in JPEG of your camera can open in Camera Raw because the software automatically generates an interpretation of the Raw file, updated in real time according to your settings. In this course we will also use images in JPEG format to improve a photo quickly and beautify a photo quickly without having to go through layers and longer settings in Photoshop, just use Camera Raw for effective modifications.

Work interface

The interface is simple and presents itself with editing tools located at the top of the screen such as white balance, cropping and even red eyes. It is possible to retouch any photo like Lightroom does with this filter directly integrated into Photoshop. The whole remains intuitive and by mastering the various photo settings, it is possible to make the best possible improvements.

What you will learn in this course

In this training I will show you how to effectively use Camera Raw for retouching your photos. You just need to have Photoshop and the extension is automatically found in Photoshop. We will start by seeing the basics of Camera Raw with the working interface. Then, we will work with all the settings in the smallest details to improve a photo. Filters are very important and I will show you how to make adjustments using the brush, the graduated filter or the radial filter. We will see at the end several trainings with the work on a portrait photo or many examples on landscape photos.

Photo editing with Camera Raw
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