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Improve Your Reading Skills

Phonics and Poetry Part 1
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Have a better understanding of short and vowel sounds
Read simple and more complex words with short vowel sounds
Practice reading skills using poetry

Improve your reading skills with this beginning reading course that focuses on phonics, which is the study of the relationships of letters and their sounds.

In this course you will learn short and long vowel sounds and r-controlled vowel sounds. You will also learn about homonyms, (words that look and sound alike but have different meanings) and homophones (words that sound the same, but have different spellings and different meanings).

The lessons begin with simple words, and move on to more complex words. 

In each lesson, you will learn words with the target vowel sound. Then you will hear sentences using words with the vowel sounds for that lesson. The lesson ends with a poem, and words with the target vowel sound are highlighted.

Please note that this is a beginning reading course that is focused on phonics. Phonics is the study of the relationship of letters or letter patterns and their sounds. By learning phonics rules, you can improve your reading skills. You will hear the correct pronunciation of each word, and then hear sentences that use a variety of those words. Then you can listen to the poems, and read as you follow along. This is great practice, and will help you improve your reading skills.

Improve Your Reading Skills
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