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Learn English Phonetics and Phonology

The Diction Mastery Course
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Learn the pronunciations of the vowel and consonant sounds of English.
Learn the functions of the special sound, 'Schwa' in weak syllables.
Learn the Intonation and Rhythm of the English Language.
Learn stress patterns in English words and sentences.
Learn how words are transcribed in English.
Build your Spoken English overall.

Technology has no doubt reduced the world to a small village, making it very possible for someone in a part of the world to carry out certain transactions with another person who is thousands of miles away in another part of the world.

Most of such transactions are done in the English language, making it necessary for everyone who is not a native speaker of the English language to learn to speak the language fluently. This will create an atmosphere where communication in every sphere between native and non-native speakers of the English language will become easy.

The free flow of communication between native and non-native speakers of the English language does not mean that everyone has to learn to speak with the British accent. That is not the goal of Phonetics. Rather, the goal of Phonetics is to promote ease of communication between native and non-native speakers. And this requires good diction on the part of the non-native speakers of the language.

  • Do you use the English language in your day-to-day life?

  • Do you use the English language in your line of career?

  • Are you planning to pursue a career in Public Speaking?

  • Are you pursuing a career in Teaching and Training?

  • Does your job require you to make public presentation?

  • Are you a poet?

  • Are you a boss who makes public addresses from time to time? Or,

  • Are you just looking for how to improve your spoken English?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any or all of the above questions, then this course was created for you in order to help you achieve your goal. This course will help you:

  • Master the right pronunciation of words;

  • Build the right English Diction;

  • Master the use of rhythm in your Spoken English;

  • Master the use of the right English Intonation in your Spoken English;

  • Build prowess in public speaking.

What you will learn

In this course, you will learn:

  • The transcriptions and pronunciations of the letter names;

  • The pronunciation of the vowel sounds of English;

  • The pronunciation of the consonant sounds of English;

  • How words are transcribed;

  • Stress patterns in English words and sentences;

  • The functions of the special sound, ‘schwa’ in weak syllables and in sentences;

  • The intonation and rhythmic patterns of English language;

  • Overall, you will build your Spoken English.

The entire course comes in video formats. There are 14 videos in all, from introduction to the end of the course. Each video come with its own unique lecture and instructions that will help you master its content.

Watching each video for a minimum of twice is highly recommended for mastery purpose. You will need to master the content of one video before moving to the next. If watching and practicing the content of a video for up to 5 times is what you need to master its content, then it is recommended that you do so in order to get the best out of this course.

Learn English Phonetics and Phonology
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