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A1.2 Russian Phonetic, Reading and Cursive Writing

After this course you will start reading and writing cursive Cyrillic. You will gain confidence in the pronunciation.
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Russian Phonetic
Writing in cursive
Cyrillic Alphabet
Russian Reading
Few basic phrases, expressions and words

Second part of the complete course on Russian alphabet phonetic, reading and cursive writing for the beginners and advanced language learners.

In the following lectures you will:

  • Writing in cursive
  • Pronunciation of vowels and consonants
  • Exercise cursive writing. (Be aware even if many teachers think that you can skip cursive writing, not knowing it will create problems if you want to advance in your studies.)
  • Develop necessary routine and intuition in reading and pronunciation Russian letters.
  • Learn learn few basic phrases, expressions and words.

This course deals with the basic concepts of Russian language and you don't need any prior knowledge, or additional materials to take it.

by ROU Russian Online University

A1.2 Russian Phonetic, Reading and Cursive Writing
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