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PhoneGap Build For Beginners

Learn how to use PhoneGap build service to build Hybrid Mobile Apps.
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What is Phonegap
Pros and cons of Phonegap
Phonegap vs. Cordova
Phonegap Build vs Phonegap Cli
A look at our sample app
Signing up for PhoneGap Build
Tour of the Phonegap build Interface
Preparing for debugging
Creating a config file form scratch
Adding a plugin to Phonegap app
Adding Icons to Phonegap app
Adding Icons to Phonegap app
Build our app
Building for Different Versions Android
About Signing key
Create a signing key
Signing our Phonegap app And prepping for Upload to the PlayStore

The course teaches you how to build apps using the PhoneGap Build service. Note that the you will not learn how to code apps, but to successfully build them using the PhoneGap Build service.

So you have your app created in HTML,CSS and JavaScript now what? How do you build it?

This course will teach you just that.

PhoneGap Build For Beginners
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per course
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