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Phlebotomy Certification Exam Review

Prepare to pass the phlebotomy certification exam the first time with this course!
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successfully pass the phlebotomist certification exam
have a better understanding of phlebotomy

This is a premier phlebotomy certification exam prep course. No matter which agency's exam you take for certification, let this course help you along your journey by reviewing with you phlebotomy principles and guidelines, anatomy and physiology, order of the draw and much more.

You will have access to your course again and again to review and prepare for the certification exam and you can view and review the entire course over and over or focus on those areas you believe you need.

This course is perfect for the newly trained phlebotomist, the medical assistant, nursing students, EMT's and others.

In only a few hours you can have a comprehensive review of phlebotomy leading to a successful certification exam. By working through the modules you can start on the very basics of the blood and anatomy and work your way up to the order of the draw, additives, and much more.

Phlebotomy Certification Exam Review
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