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Philosophy of Language: Intriguing Puzzles and Paradoxes

Explore some of the most intriguing and disturbing puzzles while strengthening your critical thinking skills.
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Learn about special topics in the philosophy of language such as the phenomenon of vagueness.
Learn about the history of philosophy in figures like Quine and Wittgenstein and about the philosophical problems they were working on.
Explore challenging, cryptic, and sometimes disturbing philosophical puzzles.
Exercise your basic philosophical skills to higher-level reasoning.
Learn how philosophical arguments are analyzed.
Understand difficult classic articles in the philosophy of language.

Are you interested in the philosophy of language? Curious about the philosophical problems that significant figures in the history of analytic philosophy were preoccupied with? Intrigued by the phenomenon of vagueness and paradoxes that boggle your mind?

This course will stimulate your mind, challenge what you've always taken for granted, and bring you to a higher level of philosophical skill.

In this course, I explain in clear language 4 philosophical problems. Step by step, I will explain each argument and provide potential solutions to some of the problems. Topics include: Kripke's Wittgenstein, Vagueness, Quine on the analytic/synthetic distinction, Davidson on meaning.

Full transcripts for each lecture are provided. 30 day full refund if not satisfied.

Grab a cup of coffee and start listening to the first lecture. Over 600 students have enrolled. We're waiting for your insights and questions! Enroll now!

Philosophy of Language: Intriguing Puzzles and Paradoxes
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