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The Way of Wisdom: Stoic Philosophy for Modern People

20+ videos on Stoicism for everyday use: how to be reasonable, productive and wise. Join and make yourself better.
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Make rational decisions based on logics and experience
Solve questions related to career, money management, study and personal life like a Philosopher, more to that - like a Stoic
Understand your emotions and gain control over them
Acquire core values that differs a Philosopher from an ordinary man
Become a good man - in a way stoics mean it

~ The course is being rerecorded and updated FIRST TIME SINCE 2015_UPD_Lectures 0 - 2.2 are already up_The rest is going to be uploaded during 1-15 Dec ~

I admire Stoics' attitude: confident, calm, cold-minded, and patient.

More to that, Stoic Philosophy teaches us how to be wise. The practical wisdom we are going to discuss here allows us to develop the right mindset, to be reasonable, and to make the right decisions — to ultimately become a true Philosopher.

This is not an ordinary course on self-improvement or productivity. This is a workshop on how to become a Philosopher. It will guide you, but you should still do most of the work.

The course will help you to understand:

  • What does it mean to be a Philosopher

  • How to acquire wisdom which will help you in your career, study and personal life

  • Core values you need to become a good and a wise man

  • Stoic way to treat money

  • People and how to pick the right ones as your friends

  • How you can reevaluate life and stop worrying about death

What makes you a good teacher?

  • I am passionate about living according to the Stoic wisdom. I feel that now, in 2020, as never before, we all can benefit from that enormously. Like Stoics of the Ancient Rome I believe that being a Philosopher and a good man leads to a mindful and happy life

  • 7 years of professional experience in instructional design, teaching, applied psychology and talent development

  • I've majored in linguistics, Medieval literature, and teaching, and I am always searching for ways to use moral philosophy in everyday life

Who is this class for?

  • People who want to make rational decisions

  • People who want to control their emotions

  • People who want to become wise and, well, good!

  • People who are ready to put efforts to educate and improve themselves

  • For YOU. Background, place of birth, age — it doesn't matter. If you are still reading, then the course will guide you for the best, I sincerely believe that.

With you more wise, effective and happy the world will become a better place, don't you think?

The Way of Wisdom: Stoic Philosophy for Modern People
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