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Pharmaceutical Microbiology Basics (Part 1)

Made for students willing to enter the pharmaceutical industry, this course will make you pass any interview smoothly
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Pharmaceutical Microbiology basics
Role of microbiologist in Pharmaceutical industry
Microbiological techniques "Sterility and endotoxins tests"

Have you ever wondered as a fresh graduate student what will the HR ask me when i apply as a microbiologist in his company?. I made this course to answer your question and the HR question also. This course will give you a brief and on point information that will help you imagine and understand the pharmaceutical Microbiology, the course discuss the definitions and Quality standards along with Two example for the Microbiological techniques used " the sterility test, Endotoxins " LAL test". I will discuss these point in a simple and short way to help you fast build up your information required to pass any interview. This course will also open your mind in this industry and i guarantee that you will become a master from this 1 hour course. As i said i will discuss the GMP and pharmacopoeias standards that are an essential tool in the industry along with the bio-burden determination tests. This course will be very easy, accessible and you will learn a lot in a short time. So prepare yourself to enter the pharmaceutical industry as you are going to fly over your colleagues. This course will have Part 2 and 3 if this course showed the required success.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Basics (Part 1)
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