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Phantom & Mavic Editing school - edit like a pro!

Learn how to get the most out of Adobe Premiere Pro & DaVinci Resolve to edit stunning aerial videos!
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Professionally edit video
Color correct and color grade
Work with a variety of effects like zoom & acceleration
Manage over exposure
Edit to music
Sound Effects
Add titles
Understand exporting a video

This course is co-instructed by Laurence Seberini (Adobe Premiere) and Albert Diantus (DaVinci Resolve). 

Taking great footage is only half of the job. Post production is another skill set that needs to be mastered in order to become a truly rounded aerial videographer. 

This course will gives you the flexibility of learning either Adober Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve, or both. Premiere is well suited for Adobe fans & DaVinci for those who are looking for an uncompromising free alternative. 

With 16 lectures from start to finish you will learn how to:

  1. Introduction to the editing software

  2. Organize your media

  3. Cut out your best footage

  4. Edit the footage

  5. Add an acceleration effect

  6. Add a zoom effect

  7. Correct exposure with a mask

  8. Choose the right color filter for the job

  9. Color correct in general

  10. Use LUT’s

  11. Color correct the final project

  12. Choose the right  music

  13. Edit the project  to the music

  14. Add a title

  15. Export a project

The course works its way through each of these steps with sample footage right from getting the files off the camera to exporting ready for Youtube!

If you want the easy way to edit footage and to really grasp the fundamental principles then its time to jump in and take this course. 

Phantom & Mavic Editing school - edit like a pro!
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per course
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